Case Study: NFT NG - A Crypto Conference Pioneering NFT Ticketing with SocialPass

Case Study: NFT NG - A Crypto Conference Pioneering NFT Ticketing with SocialPass
Photo courtesy of NFT NG Twitter (@NFT__NG) & photographer: Reuben Scotland

Leveraging Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as event tickets marked an innovative stride in event management for NFT NG, a premier crypto conference based in Lagos, Nigeria. Collaborating with SocialPass, a sophisticated event management platform, NFT NG revolutionized their event ticketing system.

The Challenge

NFT NG sought to utilize NFTs as tickets, providing a solution to prevalent issues such as counterfeiting and inefficiency in the ticketing process. The challenge was ensuring seamless minting, distribution, and verification of these unique digital tickets.

Solution: The Partnership with SocialPass

NFT NG overcame the challenge by forging a partnership with SocialPass. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, SocialPass provided a user-friendly and secure platform to verify the authenticity and ownership of NFT tickets minted by NFT NG.


NFT NG minted unique NFTs to serve as event tickets. Concurrently, SocialPass integrated these NFTs into their robust event management infrastructure. This integration ensured each NFT ticket was securely and accurately verified within the system.

The ticket purchasing process was designed to be convenient and accessible. Attendees could use cryptocurrencies or other digital assets to acquire their NFT tickets. These digital tickets could be easily transferred and authenticated, simplifying the process for both organizers and attendees.

Outcome and Benefits for Event Organizers

The implementation of NFT ticketing was a resounding success. For event organizers, this innovation offered several significant benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: The utilization of NFTs as tickets mitigated counterfeiting issues. Every NFT ticket was unique, verifiable, and securely recorded on the blockchain.
  2. Efficiency: SocialPass's system streamlined the ticketing process, saving organizers time and resources. From the initial minting of the NFT tickets by NFT NG, to their final verification by SocialPass, the process was seamless and efficient.
  3. Increased Accessibility: The NFT ticket purchasing process was made accessible to a wider demographic. Attendees could buy tickets using various digital assets, particularly beneficial in emerging markets like Nigeria.


The successful collaboration between NFT NG and SocialPass demonstrated the transformative potential of blockchain technology in event management. This case study serves as an inspiration for event organizers globally to consider the implementation of NFT ticketing, ensuring increased security, efficiency, and accessibility. With SocialPass as a trusted partner, the transition to such innovative practices is seamless and advantageous.

About SocialPass

SocialPass is an advanced ticketing platform with groundbreaking features designed to redefine event management. SocialPass offers unprecedented flexibility and control over ticketing strategy, allowing event organizers to allocate tickets as per their preference, including free tickets, traditionally priced tickets, and NFT tickets.

SocialPass is equipped with a simple, user-friendly checkout flow and accommodates all fiat payments, providing a seamless experience for attendees. With localized currency and language support, SocialPass is equipped to serve users globally, making it a truly accessible platform.

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