SocialPass Unveils Exciting Product Refresh: A Visual Tour of the Enhanced User Experience

SocialPass Unveils Exciting Product Refresh: A Visual Tour of the Enhanced User Experience
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In a bold move to elevate user experiences and cater to evolving needs, we have rolled out a comprehensive product refresh that promises to redefine the way users interact with their platform. The Dashboard, often regarded as the control center of any platform, has received a major overhaul. With a cleaner interface, intuitive navigation, and customizable widgets, users can now access key insights and analytics with unparalleled ease.

✨ Key Notes

  • The entire Event Host Dashboard showcases the same robust technology with a new, cleaner look & feel.
  • Event Creation Page: offers a more intuitive event setup process. Craft your perfect event in three easy steps.
  • Craft custom ticket tiers: paid, free, & NFT-Gated
  • Events Details Dashboard: access everything you need for your event in one place – share, scan, and track event stats.
  • Streamlined Team Details: edit your team details & add/remove team members for easy collaboration
  • Sell Tickets & Make Money: set up your Stripe account in the payment details section & monitor transactions effortlessly

Events Manager

Crafting Experiences, Redefined

Creating events is an art, and SocialPass has fine-tuned its canvas. The Event Creation page now offers a more intuitive event setup process, helping users bring their ideas to life seamlessly. Here's a preview of the improved Event Creation interface:

The first screen for Event Creation

Ticket Tiers: Tailoring Experiences, Down to the Last Detail

Mix & match customized tickets: Paid, Free, & NFT-Gated

Crafting diverse ticketing options is a cornerstone of successful events. With the new Ticket Tiers page, users can effortlessly create and manage ticket categories, ensuring attendees have options that suit their preferences.

Target a larger audience with multiple ticket tiers. Reward your NFT-Holders with NFT-Gated tickets, gain newcomers with Free tickets, & help fund your event with Paid ticketing.

Publish Event: Sharing Made Simple

The moment of unveiling an event to the world is made more exciting with the refreshed Publish Event page. With a streamlined process and clear steps, users can publish their events and start generating buzz effortlessly.

Event Details: Everything in One Place

One common question event hosts would ask after publishing an event was, "Well, what now?" Wonder no more! The Events Page gives you event highlights at an extremely quick glance. From sharing & scanning, to event & guest stats, we've got you covered.

Team Manager

Your Central Hub Reimagined

Team Details: Collaboration Perfected

Managing teams is at the heart of many successful endeavors, and SocialPass understands this well. The Team Details page now boasts a sleek and modern look, making it simpler than ever to assign roles, track progress, and communicate seamlessly.

Efficiently managing members is now a breeze, thanks to the revamped Manage Members page. From inviting new members to revoking access, everything is now more straightforward and user-friendly.

Payment Details: Simplified Financial Tracking

Connect a Stripe account for paid ticket tiers

For businesses and event organizers, keeping track of payments is crucial. The new Payment Details page offers improved clarity and organization, allowing users to monitor transactions effortlessly.

Learn more on paid ticketing below 👇

Host Events & Make Money with SocialPass
We’re thrilled to announce our most requested addition by far to SocialPass - the integration of paid ticketing. SocialPass event organizers can now easily sell tickets to any of their events, across the world Consider this scenario: You’re planning a special “Holders Summer Bash” for your thriving…

Embrace the Future of SocialPass

The product refresh by SocialPass marks a significant step forward in user-centric design and functionality. With a focus on enhancing key pages like the Dashboard, Team Details, and Event Creation, SocialPass is clearly dedicated to providing a seamless experience for its users. This visual tour of the refreshed pages gives just a glimpse of the platform's transformation; users can expect improved efficiency, streamlined interactions, and a heightened sense of control.

Experience the change for yourself and explore the new and improved SocialPass. Your journey towards enhanced collaboration, event management, and engagement starts here.

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