Host Events & Make Money with SocialPass

Host Events & Make Money with SocialPass

We're thrilled to announce our most requested addition by far to SocialPass - the integration of paid ticketing. SocialPass event organizers can now easily sell tickets to any of their events, across the world

Consider this scenario: You're planning a special "Holders Summer Bash" for your thriving NFT collection. You decide to reward your loyal NFT holders with 500 free, NFT-gated tickets, fostering a strong sense of community and enhancing the value of your collection.

Simultaneously, you realize the potential to tap into a broader audience. So, you offer an additional 500 paid tickets for $250 each, purchasable via traditional credit card payments. This approach not only helps you generate an impressive revenue of $125,000 but also introduces your NFT collection to a new, wider audience - a win-win!

With the introduction of paid ticketing, SocialPass enables you to strategically leverage both NFTs and traditional payment methods for a profitable and sustainable event planning model.

Take advantage of this exciting new feature now live.
Reach out to us today and let us make your event experience the best!

For more on the SocialPass vision and how it can help make your events the best they can be, check out the article below:

A Fresh Take on Ticketing
At the heart of SocialPass is the revolutionary approach to ticketing. No matter if you’re orchestrating an industry conference or a local art exhibition, SocialPass offers unprecedented flexibility and control over your ticketing strategy

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