Reflecting on Pudgy Penguins' Success with Events

Reflecting on Pudgy Penguins' Success with Events

Pudgy Penguins, the beloved NFT collection, has achieved remarkable success by leveraging the power of in-person meetups and events to create a global community centered around a shared love for these adorable penguins. This article explores the reasons behind Pudgy Penguins' success with local meetups and how SocialPass can further elevate the impact of these events.

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Pudgy Penguins

Fostering a Worldwide Community

Pudgy Penguins has transcended borders, forming a diverse worldwide network of sub-communities united by their passion for these cute collectibles. Popular platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and WeChat have played a significant role in nurturing this vibrant and passionate community. Various interest-based clubs, such as, pudgylicious, Pengu Princesses and Pudgy Gaming, have emerged, creating intimate hubs for holders to connect and collaborate.

The Power of Community Building

Through numerous local meetups and events all across the world, local Pudgy Penguins subcommunities have formed. Pudgy Penguins is a widely loved and accepted brand internationally, of course, but Asian communities have really adopted the cute and pudgy brand and have created many subcommunities servicing various languages and regions across Asia. As of today, three new communities were added, which include Vietnam, Japan, and the Philippines.

Pudgy Penguins' Premiere Events

A recap on huddles around the world

Since Luca & the team took over Pudgy Penguins, they have hosted numerous events across the world, making a splash everywhere they go. Here at SocialPass, we are incredibly proud to have helped service two of their premiere events in Paris and New York City.

Pudgy Penguins at NFT Paris

Pudgy Penguins in Paris was a huge hit amongst attendees. It was most notable since Pudgy Penguins partnered up with DeGods to make an impact at NFT Paris.

After the event was over, a video of a moshpit and ensuing "worm" dance move fail circulated and went viral on twitter. Honestly, great publicity. Can't complain. All in all, Pudgy Penguins and DeGods know how to party.

Pudgy Penguins at NFT NYC

The Pudgy Penguins NFT NYC event was a major hit among holders. Holders from Asia, Europe, Canada, etc. flew in to attend this major event. It was the star of NFT NYC for many event attendees.

Attendees had the opportunity to participate in multiple activities to win prizes, check out new merchandise, grab incredibly delicious pudgy penguin themed desserts, and much more. This event really solidified Pudgy Penguin's "Blue-Chip" status in many of the holders, and attendees' eyes.

Pudgy Penguins x SocialPass NYC Video  

Leading up to the big Pudgy Penguin event in New York, the SocialPass team released a cute cartoon video for pudgy penguins enthusiasts to enjoy :)


Amplify Your Sub-community

Host events with SocialPass

Many sub-communities rely on SocialPass to operate their events with ease, speed, and effectiveness. The following features are the most beneficial for event hosts managing multiple event organizer accounts:

🟠 Team Switching

One of the most important features that help sub-community event hosts manage events easier is "Team Switching". This allows event hosts to create multiple teams, and switch back and forth between them to manage events under different organizer accounts when needed.

🟠 Event Analytics

SocialPass ensures that event organizers trying to learn more about their events, can easily take a look at the event analytics on the event dashboard after the event is over. 

🟠 NFT-Gated Tickets

With SocialPass, you can gate your events with any NFT collection across a myriad of networks. Lil Pudgies that have been bridged to other networks would work just fine with SocialPass.

Amplifying Events with SocialPass

SocialPass has emerged as a game-changing ticketing platform, poised to take over the event management and hosting industry. If you're interested on reading more about our ticketing and event solutions, please check out the articles below:

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Pudgy Penguins' global community has achieved remarkable success, fueled by thriving meetups that foster deeper connections among enthusiasts. In the digital age, SocialPass has been a key partner, providing innovative features in ticketing, rewards, and audience insights to enhance these gatherings.

SocialPass's seamless event organization and tracking capabilities have created unforgettable experiences for attendees, amplifying interactions and building a stronger sense of community. As Pudgy Penguins and SocialPass continue to revolutionize NFT community events, hosting an event with SocialPass offers an exciting opportunity to be part of this vibrant movement.

Join Pudgy Penguins and SocialPass in building a brighter future for events worldwide.

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