SocialPass Feature Release: Free Ticketing is Live!

SocialPass Feature Release: Free Ticketing is Live!

The last few weeks we’ve been teasing a bigger feature we’ve been working on, and it has finally made its way onto the platform. Drum roll please....

Event organizers can now create events utilizing free ticketing, NFT ticketing, or both!

We’re super excited to finally bring free ticketed events to SocialPass. Whether you want to host a quick and easy popup event or allow a couple of outside parties to come into your NFT gated event, you can now do so easily by adding the “free ticketing” ticket tier into your event. We look forward to seeing organizers using this additional option to grow their events even further.

Looking ahead, the SocialPass team is going to be doing final touches behind the scenes with the product that will flesh everything out internally on the product and leave much more room for faster product improvements and implementations. Make sure to stay tuned for what’s coming next!

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