Make Events Great Again

Make Events Great Again

It almost goes without saying that attending events fell off a cliff during the 2020 COVID lockdowns. Even without the featured chart, most people can tell you firsthand how their social lives took a bit of a nosedive as they tried to live around the lockdown restrictions.

šŸŽ‡ Alas, No More! šŸŽ‡

These days are thankfully long in the past! Evidenced by the image above, interest has rebounded hard from the lows and is inching back towards pre-pandemic highs.

Here at SocialPass, we are all of course thrilled with the rebound in event interest and attendance. However, we believe there is much more room to go in making events the best they can be for organizers and attendees alike.

That being said here is a small look at just some of ways SocialPass is trying to bring events into the 21st century

  • Fully Custom Brand Solutions: Tailor the online experience for attendees to exactly fit your brand and more - fonts, colors and more.
  • NFT-Gated Tickets: NFTs have added a whole new dimension for community-building, event organizing and more. Use SocialPass, a pioneer in NFT Ticketing, to get the most out of your NFT community.
  • International-First: SocialPass is taking an international-first approach to our platform! Our debut languages will be Bangla and English, 2 of the 5 top languages in the world. If you're interested in having translation support for your country, please reach out on Twitter!

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