SocialPass Weekly Update: Improving User Experience

SocialPass Weekly Update: Improving User Experience

At SocialPass, we're constantly striving to improve user experience and provide the best ticketing service possible. We're a long way into Q2 and looking to launch some key features by the start of Q3. This week, we have some exciting updates to share with our community.

Improved Full-Stack CI/CD 🛠️

We've upgraded our frontend and backend code analysis tools to the latest tech standards. This will help us cut down development speed times and review processes, and more! 

New Landing Page 🎉

We're putting the final touches on our fresh new look. Expect to see it live by the weekend! 

Staff Dashboard 💻

While only for in-house employees, we're excited to finalize designs for a new internal dashboard. This will allow us to take a deeper dive into SocialPass growth analytics in a user-friendly way.

Major Release 👀

Get ready for a game-changing feature coming within the next 1-2 weeks! We can't wait to share it with you and take SocialPass to new heights!

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