SocialPass Features and Availability

SocialPass Features and Availability

We’ve been working on SocialPass since October of 2021, and we’re excited to share the results with you. Please see our Gitbook for a more detailed explanation of SocialPass and its possibilities, which will be updated on a regular basis.

SocialPass is currently available to anyone who wants to host an event with their existing NFT collection. In its current state, SocialPass is a ticketing service with the following features:

  • NFT event ticketing feature: Allows NFTs to be redeemable and interchanged for online or physical event passes.
NFT event ticketing feature
  • Event management dashboard: Manage team and events in one place with real-time event analytics: View signups, usage, and reward visitors directly in crypto.
Event management dashboard
  • Multichain operability: initially SocialPass can ticket NFTs based on all Ethereum Virtual Machine chains, Polygon and Avalanche.
Multichain operability

Users on SocialPass can verify that they own a specific NFT that is required to gain access to a private event. Once verified the app generates a unique 1 of 1 ticket that is linked to a wallet address containing the NFT. That generated ticket can then be presented at the physical event to gain entry. The SocialPass app comes with a synchronized scanning solution allowing event organizers to scan the generated tickets thus allowing holders entrance.

SocialPass will enable multiple industries to benefit from Web3 through its features. It currently lists the following industries as their main target markets:

  • Concert & Conferences: For NFT ticketing & attendance
  • Content Creators/Influencers: Unique economic support and experience
  • Film industry: For events and interactive movies
  • Sporting : Season Passes as NFTs and loyalty rewards

About SocialPass

The objective of SocialPass is to aid brands and creators in developing new revenue streams while also fortifying bonds with their consumers, clients, and communities. SocialPass provides white label solutions and Ticket Portals to businesses and artists interested in developing ticketing systems with the purpose of monetizing and retaining the audience and revenue associated with their NFTs or SocialTokens.