SocialPass Release Notes — July 21st

With more customization options, the new version of SocialPass is ideal for event organizers looking to add a personal touch to their event. This version also has a sleek new look and a user-friendly ticket portal, making it easier than ever to get a ticket. Whether you are planning a small or large-scale event, our new ticket portal version is sure to meet your needs.

Customer Dashboard

This version 1.03 includes more customization options for your event. You can control what content your attendees see by making certain fields of your event public or private. You can also schedule your event to go live at a time that is convenient for you using our new future publication date feature. So, whether you are throwing a private or public party, SocialPass has you covered.

Publication date & Visibility feature

Ticket Portal: Obtain a Ticket in a Few Clicks

SocialPass ticket portals are designed to make it as easy as possible for your NFT holders to obtain their tickets.

In this release, we have given our ticket portal a brand new look! Our featured templates have been completely redesigned, with an emphasis on UI/UX and accessibility. Additionally, responsiveness is included so that your NFT holders can have a consistent experience regardless of the device they are using. Switch to our new ticketing portal today to give your event the boost it deserves!

Ticket portal with a brand new look. Obtain a ticket in a few clicks.
Attendees can download their tickets if access has been granted.

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With tomorrow’s technology, SocialPass is resolving today’s problems with NFT event ticketing.

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