SocialPass Weekly Update: Hot New Features for Summer

SocialPass Weekly Update: Hot New Features for Summer

Hello, June! A new month is here, and with that comes final cleanups and new features. We've wrapped up our Spring cleaning, implementing lightning-fast development times for an even more robust product.

On the new feature front, free ticketing is just the beginning for this Summer. We have to keep things close to the chest for now as we wrap up a few things internally. But rest assured, these new features are the missing puzzle piece to an explosive growth period for Q3! Let's jump in to some detailed updates 👇 👇

⚡️Lightning-Fast Development

The large refactor from javascript to python has been completed, reducing refactored code size by 80%. This paves the way for faster development, creating a much better product for the future.

👀 Hot New Features for Summer

The team is finalizing details for TWO major announcements within June. Start getting ready for some big new features!

We can't wait to share these new features with you! Can you guess what they are? We'd love to hear your guesses in our Discord or Twitter

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