Web3 Survival Tips 101: Don’t Click on Links

As a digital asset owner, you must take necessary actions to improve your security posture. One valuable tip is paying attention before clicking on links.

NFT scammers are increasingly becoming more skilled and can impersonate important web3 entities to get you to click on a phishing link. Before clicking on a link, double-check that it comes from a legitimate source; otherwise, you should ignore it to protect your digital assets.

Do NOT click on any links from anonymous sources! Even if it is a DM from a “group admin.” Doing so can open the door for phishing attempts. If you fall for these and connect your wallet, it CAN be drained!

It’s also crucial to note that these links aren’t restricted to Discord, as fraudsters often use other platforms to defraud people, including Twitter, Telegram, and email. Furthermore, you should watch out for harmful links disguised as NFT giveaways or new collections with too-good-to-be-true perks.

You must be extremely cautious when using these platforms and report any suspicious activity to the authorities to prevent others from being scammed.